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5 Fun Activities For Hens’ Night


A hens’ night or a bachelorette party can be real fun for all. Basically, it is a fun night for the bride as she is bidding good bye to her single days. There are several activities which one can take up to enjoy their day or night and have a good time. By good time it means one can make it good according to their choice of activities or their idea of fun.

Since every one is not the same, each individual have their own taste and preference, these day outs and nights can be extremely different for different people. For instance, a bride can have fun in the company of topless male waiters or pole dancing to her favourite tune. On the other hand, a bride can really feel happy by simple attending a pizza making class in Sydney with her girlfriends or go for a wine tasting tour, which might seem boring to others but that’s her idea of fun and she enjoys it; and this matters the most. Here’s a list of a few fun activities that you can plan for your bachelorette party.

Fun workshop activities

The bride and her girls can join in for a flower crown workshop which can come really handy at the time of the wedding and they can even use their crowns made by themselves on the D-day and show off. They can also go in for cookie making, cake making or cooking classes and have fun together.

• Dancing

There are so many dance styles which one can choose. A bride can go for the exotic belly dancing lessons, or sexy pole dancing moves, or the flamenco dancing classes or the Burlesque dance moves. She can have fun at such classes and learn new moves.

• Pampering

The girls can have a good time at the day spa or they can visit a beauty parlor and indulge in all the massages and treatments just before the wedding. This will not only make them look good, but they will also feel pampered. They can also go for makeovers and change their entire look.

• Food and drink

If the gang is really in for some good food and dining experience, one try different restaurants on their weekend and have the best food. They can dine in at the best restaurants and eat like queens. They can enjoy the best champagne and wine and have the best time of their life. A little overindulgence is good sometimes.

• Outdoor activities

If your gangs of girls are really adventurous and sporty, go for weekend getaways with a lot of thrilling outdoor activities. One can play archery, go-karting, horse riding, cycling, white water rafting, coasteering, clay pigeon shooting, kayaking, quad biking and many other sports which they want to. They can really become the Lara Croft they wanted to.