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Photography Packages For The Special Day

Wedding is the day which is special in everybody and anybody’s life for obvious reasons. People involved in preparation and especially the couple themselves wants everything to be picture perfect. This concept of making everything picture perfect on the wedding day is a hassle in itself. There are so many things which need to be done on that special day for example: catering, hall décor, booking of the lawn/hall/banquet etc. and above all in order to memorize and refresh the memories whenever required photography is very important. Discussing things about photography and wedding video making; apparently this has become a lucrative business option for most of the people. They are earning by just using their skills and talent; believe it or not? Photography is an art and not everyone can handle it especially when it comes to a special day like wedding or any family anniversary. This whole idea has become so in the market that photography service providers have offered three packages with different features in each category, some people call it packages and others call it categories.

Platinum package: this package normally is booked by those who arranges humongous weddings and ceremonies with people around 500 to 1000, although it’s a bit unrealistic to cater such a huge crowd and arrange every single body in order. This package in Australia is quite pricy and similarly contains unique features and added advantages such as: story book wedding album in which couple is given a nice love story and printed the same on the wedding album, drone is yet another invention which has made things bit technical and amazing at the same time, thirdly pre-wedding shoot is another feature built in the platinum package, where couples are taken to a wonderful place or a suitable spot; wearing normal/casual dress for casual photo shoot. Around $ 3900 is the estimated cost incurred on a photographer for a wedding shoot. Visit https://honeybearfilms.com.au/about-honeybear-films/ for wedding videographer.

Bronze package: This package majorly caters mid-sized wedding ceremony includes 300 to 600 guests. Mostly drone photography is not included in this package and accordingly number of pictures are lesser than the before mentioned package, this is quite obvious that bronze package is also not affordable for most of the people as it costs around $2500 to $3000 on average includes: album of the event, video and pre-wedding shoot.

Silver package: It contains simple wedding day photo shoot, complete wedding videographer Sydney prices of the event (without drone) and suitable for 100 to 200 guests. It is something affordable and in Australia just to make the whole even affordable and save some serious bucks in terms of photography; people keep their wedding with lesser guests, as a result package becomes affordable and makes the day memorable.