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How To Throw A Luxury Party At Home?

Most of us live our adult lives “practically”. We give importance for the things we need, rather than what we want. We spend our time and money cautiously, and try to contain the “spontaneous” as much as we can. We establish a routine, and try our best to stick to it. And this works well for most people, as this keeps the chaos away. But once in a while, change is necessary. Surprises should find its place and time in our lives, and a little indulgence should be allowed. And what better moment to give luxury a chance, rather than when throwing a party?

•    An exclusive guest list – The smaller the guest list, the easier it is to organize a luxury party. Apart from this, if your guest list is small, then it’s less expensive to make your party lavish, and bring in the luxury to it. Everything from the theme to the food, to even the decorations have to be given attention to, and having an exclusive group for your party will ensure that you can go for the best.

•    Do the invitations right – Most modern party hosts don’t bother with sending out invitation cards anymore. Apart from saving money, it’s also because it just takes too long. Sending E-invitations is much more faster and “practical”. But for the lavish and the luxurious, somethings needs to be done the old fashion way.  

•    Get the theme right – Choose your theme with care. Go for a theme that is elegant. Everything from the decorations to even the table and chair hire needs to be done accordingly. If you’re not sure about the theme selection, we suggest hiring a party planner to help you out. Not only will they be able to advise you, they’ll also help to reduce your planning related stress; so, you’ll enjoy your party more…!

•    Go for extravagant entertainment – Unlike for children’s parties, adult parties generally don’t need a lot of entertainment. We are easily amused mingling and munching. But since you’re going all out anyway, consider opting for a white dance floor hire Sydney (depending on your theme), or even a stage and a performer. Acapella groups are getting quite popular worldwide; they’ll be able to entertain your guests in even a small stage or space.

•    Make sure the food and the catering matches the luxurious theme – If you’re planning on using your regular caterer for your big and splashy party, then it’s important that you let them know that you want the food to look elegant. Choose dishes that look rich and luxurious; making sure to serve them in dishes that match your theme. Even simple foods like finger foods can look very elegant with the proper presentation.